Dr. Hongguang Liu M.D., PH.D.

Dr. Hongguang Liu
Areas of Care:
  • Gastroenterology

Dr. Hongguang Liu received his medical degree from Binzhou Medical College and his doctorate from Tongji Medical University in China. During his Ph.D. studies, he also received intensive training in microsurgery techniques and completed a Residency in Hand Surgery. After coming to the United States, Dr. Liu completed an Internal Medicine Residency at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey and a Gastroenterology Fellowship in Chicago. Dr. Liu is Board Certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. His special interests include diseases affecting the digestive tract, such as the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small/large intestines and rectum.

For more information on Dr. Liu's practice, please visit his website, iGI Care. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Liu, please call (530) 338-2406.


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